About Us

Fastest Growing Dental Practice

Established in 2009, Accent Dental is an independently owned dental clinic in Fort St. John. We’re one of the fastest-growing dental offices that offers a wide range of dentistry services, including emergency and after-hour dental care services. Our dental office also does charity work in the area.

A dentist 's chair in the corner of a room.

Best Possible Care

Accent Dental proudly provides care for adults, children, and seniors. We treat patients like family. Our staff is professional and compassionate, dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible.

Because we are dentist owned, we are patient-driven. Our focus is on providing the best possible care.

Latest Equipment & Technology

Accent Dental uses the newest equipment and technology as well as digital x-rays to decrease x-ray exposure to a fraction of conventional films. We are environmentally friendly with amalgam separators and digital x-rays to minimize chemical released into the environment.

Our saliva vacuum system saves 1200L of water per day when compared to conventional vacuum systems. We do not have tie-ups with any large dental corporation enabling us to provide effective care that is responsive to the needs of patients in the Fort St. John area.

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Our Team Members

A man in green scrubs standing with his arms crossed.

Dr. Henry Ma

(DMD, Owner of Accent Dental Centre, Dentist)
A man in glasses and blue scrubs standing.

Dr. Albert Tam

(DMD, Associate Dentist)
A woman standing with her arms crossed.

Dr. Jamie Kim

(DMD, Associate Dentist)
A man in green shirt standing next to wall.

Dr. Dan Kah

(DMD, Visiting and Associate Dentist)
A man in suit and tie posing for the camera.

Dr. Farnad Rezaie

(DMD, Visiting Endodontist)
A man in glasses and scrubs standing with his arms crossed.

Dr. Alex Man

(DMD, Associate Dentist)